What Should I Do So My Leg-hair Wouldn't Grow Back Too Fast?


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Nowadays there are moisturizers which are designed to supposedly render regrowth a lot slower; results on these products are varied and so all I can advise is try it for yourself and see if it works and makes a difference for you. There are numerous different products which suggest this same result including a cream from Veet, Kalo Hair Inhibitor, Jergens Naturally Smooth, Skin Doctors Slow Grow and Depileve Slow Growth among many others. I don't really understand the science behind these products, however, I can say that I have used a few different products on the market and it does seem to work. It is, however, very difficult to tell if it works unless you actually time the natural regrowth and then time it again after a few weeks of using the product.

Alternatively, at a much higher cost, you can get laser treatment. You would need a fair few treatments to do the whole leg as they pulse a laser into each individual follicle, however once treatment is completed it is a pretty much a permanent result. The cost for these treatments vary massively depending on where it is done, how many treatments you need and size of the area to be treated.

If you currently shave your legs; you could try waxing or hair removal creams instead as this usually results in a much longer-lasting result than just general shaving. The biggest problem with waxing is you have to wait for a slight regrowth so that there is enough to get a hold of when the strips are ripped off. I would advise the cheaper options first and then if you find it a serious problem and something that really irritates you then you could look into laser treatment.
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I've been having the same problem. Do not shave in cold water like that other person said because it will really break you out. Anytime you get goosebumps stop shaving. Believe me you'll regret it. I use baby oil when I shave. That helps. Do not apply it directly. Just put it in your bathtub.
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I have found that if you use extremely hot water that it takes hair a longer time to grow back then just warm water. Also use a lot of lotion..it also helps. Hope this helps.
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My mom use olive oil and it really works !
you can try it
good luck
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I use conditioner on your legs. It prevents cuts, and it makes your skin really soft. Or you could wax. It really depends on how fast your hair grows back.
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I find that the cream depilitaries work best at keeping the hair from growing back too fast. I  think that it gets them at the root of the follicle. Also, it does not come in so scratchy.
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There is a variety of methods for hair removal. Some temporary and some permanent.

Here are some examples:
- Epilating
- Laser
- Waxing
- Sugar waxing
- Bleaching

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whats sugar waxing?
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Sugar waxing is a popular form of hair removal that works in the same way traditional waxing does. A thick sugary substance similar to caramel is spread on the skin in the direction of hair growth. The hair becomes embedded in the caramel. A cloth or paper strip is patted onto the caramel and then pulled off quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth, pulling the hairs out of the follicles. The advantage of this method over traditional waxing is the clean up. The sugar substance is water-soluble and can be removed easier than wax by rinsing with water.
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I just shave in really cold water to shave even the goose bumps, I works too.
Hope this helps [:

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