What Color Highlights Would Look Good In Light Brown Hair?


6 Answers

Reno Greer Profile
Reno Greer answered
Caramel or warm blond highlights would look best!
cool person Profile
cool person answered
Maybe a dark blue or purple..... If you want more subtle highlights though, maybe go with darker blonde or caramel
Hayley Profile
Hayley answered
A couple of shades lighter than your natural hair colour.. Some honey blonde and caramel for example x
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Purple. Or light pink. Don't do both tho because it will look like your trying too hard but otherwise do Blue.  I recommend purple if your eyes are green or if they r hazel because purple makes eyes look really green I wear green eyeliner ands it makes my eyes look sooooooooo green!
Cassie Profile
Cassie answered
Blond or purple. Especially if you flat iron your hair and then curl the front two purple highlights. And blond can just stay the same as the hair.

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