If You Have Very Pale Skin And Dark Brunette Hair What Colour Of Clothes Should You Wear?


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Like you, my hair is on the dark side (medium brown/dark brown with reddish brown highlights naturally), My hair color is around a chestnut color to be exact. I have blue/green eyes, mostly blue with ivory skin. I get A LOT of COMPLIMENTS on the following colors (aqua blue, emerald green, medium purples, true red, corals (warm pinks). I would definitely stay away from the following colors (yellow,worst color on you, orange, tan, heather grays, beige). Stick with the clear contrasting colors. Hope this information helps you out.
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I am pale with dark brown hair (in the summer it has a tint of red from sun) and I wear dark colors. Right now I am wearing navy blue, and I also wear maroon, brown, purple, dark green, black
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I have very light skin, light green eyes and dark brown hair. I suggest block colours like a dark purple, emerald, red, peach.Stay away from medium greys.
A touch pinky blush is great to create colour and make us look a bit more alive..trust me, it will do wonders! Don't go too heavy on the dark eye make up as it contrasts with the pale skin.
Hope this helps :)
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If you have this colouring, you could be defined as someone who can wear winter shades. It is not so much the colours you can wear, but rather, the shades of colours.

For example if you have dark colouring you can often wear the palest pinks and yellows and limes which someone with red colouring could not.

You can normally wear bitter chocolate, which is great teamed with either palest pink or hot pink. You can wear a clear red but stay away from bright orange and yellow shades. You can wear soft blues or rich midnight blue, and emerald green. You can wear claret or peach.

These shades bring out your eyes and compliment your skin tone. It is worth going to a cosmetics counter and asking them to do a make up for you, as this will show you what shades suit your complexion. it can make a big difference.
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Pale skin and dark hair, can wear any color season. They look good in bright colors or subdued colors,
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I have impossibly pale skin. It has blue tints in it summer and winter- this is called translucent skin. It's best to wear grey, pale blue and other pastels, or autumn shades so you don't appear blanched. This is especially good if you are a brunette with hints of gold in your hair. Good Luck!!!
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Red looks great with dark hair. If you have dark hair and blue eyes like I do I can where almost any color except, green, brown, and orange.
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I'd suggest you wear something in the purple family of colors. That would go beautifully with dark hair and light skin. Also you might want to try deep blue colors also. I would break the dark color with white or a neutral just to give a contrast. After all it's summer and you don't want all dark colors.
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I have dark brown hair and eyes and pale skin and I wear light shades of warm colors (but not orange) and dark shades of cool colors. However, there are exceptions, like a pale lime green or claret.
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Store would be holister and american eagle colors ... Also to spice things up for summer where hot pink and bright blues C=
purple is also the bestest color C=
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I have very pale skin(Like a ghost I'm told o_o [very white])

Dark brown eyes and medium brown hair with natural golden highlights.(In the sun it looks pretty :])

What color should I wear?

[ I am very tall and skinny luckily :D ]
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Being goth is cool. Ive been a goth for a while now. The black color would really bring out your beautiful eyes.

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Ew don't be goth....
Like a light pink, or peach, blue...any kind of blue. Bright colors.
Not yellow though. Its okay but still.
No neon colors. Those are for 5 year olds...
I have black hair and greeen eyes:) and pale skin...
I suggest getting a spray on tan. It will look a lot nicer.
Don't wear heavy dark colors. Those will make you look even whiter than you are already. AND YOULL LOOK GOTH EWWW....
Dark makeup is good though. Like borwn and black eye liner and mascara, I wear brown it looks good with light skin.

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