What Colors Of Clothing Go Best Together


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There are many different colours of clothing which go best together; these include black and white, blue and orange, purple and yellow.  These colours get contrasted to make a bold statement.

There are some colours of clothing NOT to mix however, and these are; black and navy, white and cream, brown and grey, green and blue, maroon and black, red and pink, black and navy blue.

When choosing what colours to wear, not only must the colours of clothing go well together but it is important to take a few other things into consideration too.  These are hair colour, skin tone and eye colour.

If you have blue/grey eyes then go for black, grey or white as a foundation colour.  Colours which can accompany grey are purples, lilac, light blues, lavender, black and some shades of yellow.  Green, royal blue, purples, turquoise and red, all suit black and white.

For people who have green eyes then the colours of clothes to wear are any shades of brown or orange.  Olive green is also a great colour to wear.  To make green eyes stand out wear a top which has different shades of green in it.

Brown eyed people should go for browns, yellow-based greens, oranges, peaches and light-camels, whilst avoiding wearing greys, navys, taupes and pinks as these will make you look pale.

With skin tones and hair colour, it is important to match the colour of your clothes with these.  For very fair skin and blonde, light brown or red hair then ideal colours to combine would be black and white, chocolate and red, chocolate and khaki, grey and black, lavender and maroon.

If you have fair skin and dark hair the colours to choose would be maroon and yellow, navy blue and beige, beige and white, grey and maroon.  For people with matt skin and dark hair choose pink and orange, green and beige, red and grey, red and black.

A few pointers for matching colours are as follows; Grey is a neutral colour, so therefore it can be worn with any colour.  Choose one colour to be the main colour for your outfit but it is advisable not to wear more than 3 colours in the same outfit as this could make you look like a clown.  Try and wear brighter colours for your upper body as this will brighten up your face.
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When you're stuck on what 2 wear, go for black! It matches with almost anyhting. Try basic, solid colors like a blue or yellow, for example, and put in bling! Bold accesories, or a printed scarf, even jewelry. After all, diamonds are a girls best friend, right?
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In my opinion.. I think many colours look great together as many colour combanations do not.\
I think blue and yellow looks great together,, although it depends how much you wear of it. You see, you don't want to wear a yellow top with blue skinny jeans and yellow hair accsesories and blue jewelry. That may look good to some people's eyes but to others it looks puked on gross. I'm sorry but if you dress like this daily.. Let me try and brake this to you gently but you should stop. Fashion no no. The next colour combanation is very original... Pink and brown. Since those colours are very suddle you should wear a necklace or a bracelet that adds a pop of colour to the out fit but still in the same colour family. For example I would wear brown capris with a pink top paired with a yellow necklace and yellow flipflops or a flat shoe shaped like a ballet slipper.As you can see brown and pink are warm colours and yellow is a cool colour. Don't go overboard on the pop of colours though. Another great colour is orange and black.. Sure it's Halloween colours but does halloween really affect the type of clothes you wear. I would wear this outfit with black skinny jeans an orange top with a lace cami underneath with a black  or white bangle on your wrist. Try to buy pieces that are unique  that no one would ever think of buying ... Hidden at the back of the store, where no one can see , something that catches your eye , appeals to you, visable to your eye and only yours. But make sure it's not ugly , that still follows the colour familys cool and warm . Warm colours are the blues and purples and greens and cool colours are on the firey side the reds the oranges and yellows. That is my advice to you .Do with that what you will. Take it and run. In other words use it well.
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Black goes with everything... I kno that.
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Red & blue, red & white, red & black, black & white, Grey & black or white, yellow & blue, Yellow & orange,  both go with black, Burgundy & grey, I could keep going, primary colors can usually compliment one another.
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Nice ones none that are too dark or too light
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For women:

Pink with blue, red with white, gray with black

for man:

Blue with black, sky blue with blue, white with white, red with white
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Beige and black
pink and navy(denim can be a good choice)
gold-brown-honey beige
beige and navy are also great!
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I like -
Black and Pink
Pink and Blue
Black and Red
Black and Blue
almost everything! :)
Please rate as helpful - Would always be appreciated!
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Black and white
black and Purple
Black and Pink
Black and Red and gray
orange and green
white and green
and so on
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There are fashions in this as there are in everything else - for instance, people used to say that you should never put blue and green together, or blue and brown, but in some cases these combinations can look great. It's more about shade than colour -eg sky-blue and sandy brown, not navy and chocolate.

It is often said that everything looks good with black, but in fact if you look, black doesn't set off most colours particularly well - shades of brown or grey may be better. You might like to look at a fshion guide such as "what You Wear Can Change Your Life" by Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine, which actually contains charts suggesting which colours mix well.

About types of clothes, I always love mixing smart with casual - fancy jewellery with plain jeans, that sort of thing - but it depends on the situation, eg a job interview should be formal. One safe rule is: keep it simple. So a patterened top is best with a plain skirt or trousers, a smart dress with unobtrusive accessories and so on.

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