What Color Lipstick Should A Light Blonde With Blue Eyes Wear?


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A glossy skin pink lipstick would be the best option for a blonde. One can also try light brownish color of lipstick with dark eyes (pencil work). But skin pink is the best option to keep it natural, pretty and stylish.
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I am a platinum blond with blue eyes. I do not look good with red or dark or bright lip color- makes me look fake and goofy. I prefer shades of light pinks or peaches. For myself. I prefer a tinted lip gloss rather than a heavy lipstick. I try to keep my blush and lip color (and eye makeup) in the same color category so I don't look all mixed up and clownish.
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Were actually really lucky, most colors that are bright and pastels look good on us, just stay away from olive or beige colors since being fair skin it will wash us out. :)
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I have the same thing, and I look best in pink and turquoise. But my skin is a little tan, so that might change it a bit.
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Well Gwen Stephani does red, and so does Christina Aguilera. It depends on what you look like. I like a dramatic eye and a lighter lip. Do either or. Not both Eye and Lip - or its too much and you look like you're going to work the corner if you know what I mean.
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It depends on your skin color also. Are you a fair skinned light blonde? If you have very fair skin then I would suggest a pink or neutral color lipstick. If you'd like your lips to stand out a bit then you could use a lip liner in a shade or two darker than the lipstick you choose.
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I have blond hair with natural highlights I have fairly tan skin and I have light blue eyes. I need some kind of lip product (lipstick,lip gloss,etc.)please I don't like the way reds look on me and clear gloss isn't enough
  if this is your description
(its mine)
you need very shimmery light ice pink. Its simply beautiful for the beach or the block party!
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According to Tanyah, who is the other girl who uses this user, and who is an expert in make-up in beauty (don't ask me how she is an expert; she just is), and who is also a blonde with blue eyes, it is best if you put clear gloss.
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M naturally brunette dark but my hairs like light blonde I don't no what skin tone I am I have naturally rosey cheeksi use light baige foundation I have green/blue  small eyes I don't I have clue what eyeshadow  to use. Light silvers look nice so I just stick to that as for lipstick ive tryed red and it dunt suit me any idias...I'm going to a xmas party on sat and I want to look diffrent bt in a stunning way help please I'm desprate I'm 1 tht lvs change and gets bord easy lol helppp
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You should just stay with lip gloss. Some lipsticks will probably make you look faded.
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I have another solution, nothing bright but bright enough to add color to a fair complected person. I.e. A coral or a light copper, depending also on what tones you are wearing another one is rose pink. The idea is to add just enough to "enhance"
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I agree turquoise looks beautiful when mixed with fine skin blue eyes ans blonde hair:)Enjoy:)
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Are you kidding? Channel the Old Hollywood look and go with a ruby red!
I have light blonde hair and blue eyes and red lipstick is SUCH a great way to amp up any look.
A more current example of the light blonde/red lipstick look is Christina Aguilera.
christinachameleon.files.wordpress.com not the greatest picture, but personally I love the look.

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