How To Tie A Clip On Tie That's Become Undone?


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Under normal circumstances, the obvious first question would be why you would bother learning to tie a clip-on tie?.

If the clip-on is being used for safety reasons, then the question becomes one of construction quality - some clip-ons are essentially ordinary ties, glued into place and then clipped. Others are made of 'scraps' of material that, if they become undone, are not able to be re-tied.

In either case, if it is remotely financially viable, the easiest option would seem to be to buy a new clip-on. Clip-on bow-ties are usually made on the scrap principle, and are therefore, to all intents and purposes, not able to be re-tied.

  • Step-by-step guidelines

However, assuming that a) this course of action is not financially viable and b) the tie is a regular necktie, able to be re-tied, try this procedure:

· Position the tie so it looks as though it's being worn by someone else.

· Position the part of the tie that looks like an inverted triangle up against the front part of the clip.

· Bring the narrow part of the tie around the back of the clip.

· Loop the narrow part back over the front of the clip and tuck it under the front part of the tie.

· Repeat the procedure with the front (wider) part of the tie (making sure the wide part of the tie is in front of the narrow part).

· Adjust for style.

· Fasten tie to the back spot (where the clip is) with glue, pins or even with stitches.

This is a fiddly procedure at practically every point, which again suggests the benefits of buying a new clip-on if at all possible.
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Um, what a bad answer... The clip has come UNDONE from the tie. How does one build it up on the clip is the question
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The clip-on tie is a bow tie which is permanently tied into its knot with a dimple just below that knot. It is fixed only to the front. Here is a link from where you can get help to tie a clip on that's undone:
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I can't figure it out either, I'm very frustrated with the internet.. I'm sorry I hope you had better luck than me!

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