How Long Am I Supposed To Wait Till I Change A New Pierced Belly Button Ring?


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Various piercings take various times to heal, and it depends on your overall health and the daily care you give it.

The piercings that heal the fastest (in my experience) are genital and tongue. My belly button piercing took the longest. For me, it was 3 months. For you, it could be more like 4.

Be patient before making any changes to the piercing at all. The instructions you received are dead on. Follow them to the letter! You'll be glad you did!
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When I had my bellybutton pierced, they told me to change it after 3 weeks. (depending on how you had it done - I had mine pierced like you would pierce an earring with a stud "gun")
The reason for this was that they put an earring with a butterfly on, not a ring or "banana" ring.
The butterfly can start "growing into your skin" if you leave it in for too long, which can cause a lot of discomfort.
I took mine out after 3 weeks, and changed to a ring (although I struggled)
Just make sure to put the desired piercing in quickly after you take out the original one as the hole closes very quickly.
Make sure to clean the jewelery with alcohol or spirits before inserting it, to make sure there are no germs present. Keep the area around the piercing clean, turn it a lot to keep the hole open.

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