New Belly Button Piercing... When To Go Swimming?


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Although bellybutton piercing is one of the most common forms of body art, it can also lead to many different kinds of problems if the area is not protected and taken care of carefully. Once you have had your bellybutton pierced, it’s very important that you take care of it properly and that you don’t disregard the advice that the professional piercer has given you regarding it.

After getting your bellybutton pierced, it is generally advised that you avoid going swimming for at least three weeks. However, this also depends on the type of water that you are swimming in. If you’re going swimming in a lake, pond, ocean, or other body of water that isn’t being treated then you could be opening the wound up to infection and bacteria. For that reason, you might want to wait a little bit longer.

On the other hand, if you’re going swimming in a pool that is being treated in chlorine, then as long as the piercing site isn’t showing any signs of infection such as redness or pus then waiting three weeks should be fine.

You should also try to avoid Jacuzzis and hot tubs during this period. They can actually carry even more bacteria than swimming pools since the heat tends to trap and breed bacteria. If you do go swimming or you get in a hot tub then make sure that you disinfect the area with wither Hydrogen Peroxide or rubbing alcohol after you get out.

If you show any signs of infection such as bleeding, redness or pus then it’s important that you not get in any body of water at all until it clears up. Not only could it open you up to more infection but it could put fellow swimmers and bathers at risk of infection as well.
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I just got mine done 3 days ago , They told me not to go swimming the first day but I could go swimming the second day as long as I cleaned it with soap and a salt water soulution(H2Ocean) after I got out. They told me not to wait , as soon as I got out I had to clean it. They also advised me not to layout in the sun because the jewelry would get hott and cause the piercing to burn.
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I got mine done exactly a week ago and went swimming for about an hour in a clean pool a few days ago.
It has tightened up around the ring, but I clean it 3 times a day.
Nothing is really different.
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I just got my belly button pierced on February 27 2010 and I went swimming on march 3rd 2010.  When I got home I cleaned it 2 times with the same stuff.  Today is march 4th and its not infected or anything and it is still the same as it was before.  If you chose because you really want to, I suggest you clean it really well when you get home.  If you can avoid it I suggest not to but I don't think it will hurt,
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The water is good for it because there should be chlorine in the pool . But after swimming make sure you wash it and then use alcohol to clean it too or another piercing cleaning product
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Actually alcohol kills all the new skin that has grown to heal the piercing. Never use alcohol or peroxide. That is why they bubbles when you use them
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Its not true. The chlorine may be ok because its disinfectant but it isn't exactly good for it and the pool certainly wont be clean enough ! Not even swimming in the sea is worth the risk or having a bath until at least 3 months have passed tbh ! I would stick to showers and disinfectant and also rocksalt is amazing but I wouldnt go swimming for at least 3 months ! I didnt go for 6 months and I'm glad because my friend went after a month and it got so badly infected that she had to take it out nd now she has a scar
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Ive had my belly done since november and its now February, I went swimming for the first time today up to now it seems to be ok. I havent cleaned it or anything since being in the swimming pool but am going to clean it thoroughly in the shower it ensure no dirt is in it from the pool. Mine didnt hurt when I was in the pool or anything, so I think after like 2 months it should be ok! Mine seems to be fine now *touch wood!*
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Well it depends on how you had it pierced (gun or needle ) because a gun is more likely to infect it because guns are only supposed to be used on ears not the body because they can't be sterelized. Secondly it depends on whether it's properly healed or not because my friend went swimming two weeks later and hers was fine but sometimes the water can really badly infect it. Personally, I wouldn't risk it, just wait a couple of months and see how it goes. I had mine done 2 months ago and I still haven't been swimming yet and I really miss it but I'm not going to risk it. If you're really desperate then give it a try and just really clean it afterwards with antibacterial stuff bu I wouldn't recommend going swimming for at least 3 months really.
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Belly button piercing is the most popular piercing as you know and it is recommended to avoid swimming with this piercing for atleast one week. I suggest you to clean it really well when you get home.

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You got to wait till its healed.
I got mine two months ago and have gone swimming,
it now hurts a little and has tightened up around the ring.
Otherwise its the same as normal.
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You have to wait for it to heal. Its not so much the chlorine, but public pools are hives for bacteria and you may get an infection in it. If this happens you will probably have to remove the jewellery permanently.
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just make sure you clean it very good after swimming . But the chlorine will not hurt it .
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Depends on what kind of jewelry. I swim all the time with my new belly button piercing. The guy at the salon that did mine said the chlorine may help clean it. I use stainless steel jewely only! I strongly recommend you do also.
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It's best not to swim in a public pool with a new piercing, too much risk of bacteria from other swimmers (chlorine doesn't kill everything in the water and it's a breeding ground) I would wait at least a couple months and even then, it's risky, not worth taking a chance and having to remove it. Piercedup seems to know best here, I'd still wait until I know it's completely healed even if that means waiting 6 mo- 1 yr.
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New piercings are fresh , and if they tell you not to take a bath then deffinetely do not go in pools,lakes,rivers,oceans etc; this is because there is a lot of bacteria in these areas, and when you take a bath all of the germs and stuff on your body will enter your piercing they tell you these precautions simply so it does not get infected.
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If it is metal it can rust so you might want to take it out when you go swmming or just not go swimming but if you do and it gets rusted take it out quick and go to the dotor cause you may have rust in you and that can cause you to have to poision and could possibly die.   :sssss

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