Can A Belly Button Piercing Kill You?


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Yes- it can but it is very RARE!  Like 4 people every year die from it :D :D NOT MEANING TO SCARE YOU!!
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I guess if the needle was rlly dirty and you didnt clean it the infection could make you rlly sick and you would eventually die but if you clean it out with just regular soap and neosporin then you should be fine :)
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No, A belly button piercing can certainly not kill you!
All the rumours about that are fake because I know many many people that have had their belly done and haven't died from it including me and I don't know a single person that has died from it.
So if your scared about it don't be because it is all made up.

Hopefully I was helpful

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yes if not sterile...can get infection
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Everything can kill you!
So don't worrie about it killing you every-things a risk!
I don't have mine done yet but I want it and my bfs freaking cause he thinks that HE will kill me
I really don't beleve that unless he rabbed my stomach really hard? COuld he?
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The misconception that infection can travel inside your body via your belly button and kill off your organs is just scare mongering tactics! If you get it pierced at a reputable piercing studio and take good care of it you shouldn't have any problems at all.
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Jasmine Depaula
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I have had my belly button pierced twice now, and been through many infections etc'; you cannot die from having a belly button piercing they say that about every piercing, the only way you possibly could is if you get it done with non - sterile piercing equipment at a dirty shop and if you neglect to take care of your piercing.
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I have mine done and GUESS What
I'm not dead lol
I love anthony :D
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I heard you can but I'm not  quite sure. Id be curious to see if it really was a myth myself.

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