How Long Before I Change Eyebrow Ring?


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More then 4 weeks. If out take it out to soon then you will create a lot of irritation and then more puss will come. My Best Friend had hers done and we changed it too soon!
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I was just wondering, you said that you changed the piercing too soon. Did anything happen wrong due to this?.. Or just more puss? I am thinking of getting mine done but work does not allow it. The longest break i will have a long time is 10 days. Is this too soon to change into a clear bar?
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Yes 10 days is much too soon. Ive had my eyebrow pierced twice, first one rejected after a year.. I'm on my 2nd now. I pierced it in my transition to college, I had a month off of work while transferring stores.. Anyways I just changed it tonight, its been 3.5 weeks and its a little irritated, I think it will be fine but not sure yet, so yeah I'd wait until you have a longer gap of time to take care of it. Good luck

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