Is it fine if I get a lower lip piercing & my belly button pierced? I'm in freshman year. Am I still too young or am I at a good age?


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I think you're old enough but it could be unattractive when you're trying to get a girlfriend or boyfriend. Just my opinion though.

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I say you're too young, if you get your belly button done then you will be showing it off right? So that means you will be wearing things that are not proper for your age.

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You are underage, it's inappropriate, some could get the wrong message, thinking its promiscuous. It's something  that draws attention, sometimes in a sexual way.

Wait until you are 18, you'll need a parent if you decide to go ahead.

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Last time i checked piercings aren't for you to have to wait till your 18. & anything now a days attract guys in a sexual way and I dont mind.
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I got friends that are 18+ that can get me into a tattoo/ piercing shop. Just to let you know(: My friends just go in with an adult and there good.
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Why should I care about spelling properly I am on summer vacation. ūüėā
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No. I believe that if something makes you feel confident and good about yourself, don't worry about the "age limits" that some people stamp on what you want. You are going to be beautiful either way, so who cares?

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I got my belly done when I was 16, and its soo cute to show off in  swimsuit and half shirt! I say go for it!  I wouldn't recommend lip piercing though, just personal preference, not that you're too young

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Honestly I think belly button pieceings are so cute!! But lower pil peircings are ugly and gross, in my opinion. I think its cool if you get the belly button piercing now but I would wait a couple years to make sure you really want the other piercing.

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