Is Your Belly Button Suppose To Bleed When You Pierce It?


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Yes they did it right, I had someone who actually went to medical sschool profesionally pierce mine, its normal for them to bleed because its like a normal cut in your skin, Clean it two to three times everyday with the substand they give you when you get it pierced or they'll give you information on what you should buy, and just keep cleaning for either two weeks or until the bottle is gone. Don't worrry mine bleeds two. I just got it done this mornin:)
bleeding is natural and so is if the blood crusts it just dried blood, do not use soap in the first two weeks on it directly its okai if it gets near it when your showering but not directly on it. Stay away from pools, ocean and hot tubs. They have chemicals in them that keep them clean but are tremendously bad for you new piercing :)
be careful not to bump it against anything or let animals tug it.
(cats, dog)
pus is also normal(you also get that with any pirecing)
if it appears just  clean it with the cleaning producct giving by your piercer :)
You should only change it when you can freely move it around, tug on it, rotate it, and it doesnt bleed, hurt, and its smoothly gliding.
That should take around two to three weeks :)
Sourced: I got mine done and the guy gave me a guide and told me what to do.
Plus three of my friends go their done and advice is backed up.
Enjoy your piecing
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A little bit, But not that much :)

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Yes, because your piercing through the skin.

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No, that means they didn't do it right, It is supposed to be a smooth transition from the nail to the piercing, if they is lag time in between and air gets to the piercing it will bleed.

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