If My Skin Is Getting Stuck To My Belly Piercing, Is That Normal?


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My daughter was having the same problem.. DO NOT put vaseline!!!!! You should be spraying with bactine antiseptic spray daily. Try buying some epsom salt and mix with water. Rinse out your belly piercing with this solution. It might burn a little but that means its working. Do 2 or three times a week. Hope this helps.
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Putting Vaseline on it is not a good idea.  If you make a habit of moving it a little everyday when you take your daily shower, it moves easily when wet.  I also used Phisoderm to clean it daily and that helped to loosen it quickly, without disturbing the progress of healing.  Pulling on it when it's dry is probably undoing the healing it's done thus far.
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The tech that did the piercing should have recommended a saline wash for the site of the piercing to keep it clean. Go to a different shop and have them take a quick look at it.
Don't aggravate the site by touching it, or pulling on the piercing. If it is infected, they might recommend that you take out the jewelry and let it heal up, so you may repierce it at a later date. Hope this helps, good luck.
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The piercing take few days to get heal up. After healing it will be OK. Mean while take rest and restrict free movements or do not push or pull the pierced site. If you are feeling infections then take antibiotic and also apply local antibiotic.
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You could also try rubbing a little vaseline around the area before you try to move the piercing and remember to keep it clean until it heals avoiding scented soaps just warm water is enough and where possible let me get to the area
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Your piercing is probably sticking because you do not move it often enough. Also it could be a sign of infection.

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