What's Wrong With My Belly Button, It Hurts And Bleeds It Done It For 3 Months Off And On?


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Well all I can understand is you are suffering from some kind of infection due to which you are having this problem. When it was started you tried to fix it by putting alcohol and proxside but my friend all you are doing is to letting it hurt you more and more by putting such things on it. As you are wetting it with alcohol so it had wetness in it due to which it is releasing white and yellow sort of fluid which is trying to tell you please use antiseptic medicine on me beside alcohol and other things on me.

Secondly go to the doctor skin specialist or any other and tell him the problem you are facing. Hey had you put a belly ring and due to that this is happening then the problem is the equipments were used on you were not sterilized and due to the reaction of that you are facing this problem.So the simple solution is to go to the doctor and ask him to check you completely as there is not anything to be worried about more in future.

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