If I Have A Small Lump Under My Skin Under My Scrotum. Is That Normal?


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Small lumps on the groin can be normal but can also be the sign of numerous health concerns.

The first thing to do is to determine whether these lumps are painful or not by checking them by yourself. Then you should book an appointment with your doctor so they can decide and test you to ensure it is nothing serious.

In many cases there is little to worry about but there can be some more serious concerns caused by other things.

Painful can be caused by numerous things:

Torsion of testis.
Torsion of a testicular or epididymal appendage.
Epididymo-orchitis or orchitis.
Strangulated inguinal hernia.
Painless lumps are often caused by:

Inguinal hernia (may sometimes be painful).
Epididymal cyst.
Spermatocele (feels similar to epididymal cyst)
Testicular tumour
Haematoma (may also be painful)
Skin swellings (as for groin lumps)

When you visit the doctor they will generally check your scrotum themselves and they may decide if it needs further action or perhaps run some tests.

Often a doctor will take a urine or blood sample to determine what the problem is. This may take a couple of days before you get a response from a doctor. The doctor will examine the lump, consider where they are on the anatomy, and ask if it’s painful. They may also get you to cough, this will suggest if it is a hernia or saphena vari issue.

There can be a number of skin conditions associated with lumps on the scrotum, these may not be serious and can be cleared and sorted with intravenous medication.

In any case as is already mentioned visit your doctor as it will determine why the lumps are there as well as giving you peace of mind.
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Lumps anywhere should always be checked out. If the lump is under the skin but moves about freely it could be something harmless like a cyst. If it's attached to the actual testicle this may mean it's more serious. As the man above says so eloquently, see a doctor soon.
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Mate, go to the doctor now. It might be ball cancer. Get yourself a checkup!
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You should get it checked immediately.  Cancer is always a concern, but it is most likely epididimytis, an infection of the epididymous, and if so it will probably be treated with a 2 week regimen of Cipro, 1 pill twice a day.  This CAN get serious, so do not put off seeing the doctor.
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The fact that you have noticed it straight away is good go see your doctor and don't be alarmed it could be lots of things it may even not need anything doing about think positive and make that appointment take care
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No! Under the scrotum is the lymphatic system.  A lymphnode can become rigid for many reasons.  Infections, and cancer are most common.  A physician would need to see it.  It could be anything from an in-grown hair to cancer.  Visual assessment is needed.
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Lumps could be perfectly safe or something bad, so its always good to get them checked out, wherever they might be

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