I Recently Pierced My Ear And There Is Crusty Stuff That Always Gets Stuck On My Ear Post And Back. It's The Part Of The Ear Where It Looks Like Its Attached To My Face. Could It Be Infected?


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zoe carvell answered
Not a good idea to do a piercing yourself, a lot of time and energy goes into keeping a piercing studio clean and hygenic so the adverage home just doesn't come close to clean enough. I don't know what kind of jewelry you're using but I'm guessing it was just the first thing that came to hand. If it is infected it would be very sore and full of pus so it just sounds as though the crust you describe is normal healing lymph. You don't say what you're using to clean it but I'd suggest sea rock salt dissolved in pre boiled water 2 -3 times a day and you should have a healed piercing in no time. Next time just go get it done by a professional piercer, you'll have the assurance of a sterile environment and be provided with sound advice. Good luck!
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Jamie Lewis answered
It sounds like it might a reaction to the type of earrings you are using. Or maybe it is infected.

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