Do You Have Photos Of Short Hair Styles For Mature Women?


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Many women opt to have their hair cut to help it appear thicker and fuller whilst they age, as the lack of natural oestrogen normally results in thinner hair.

Here is a shortlist of some of the most popular short hairstyles for mature ladies.
Maintaining short hair can mean more frequent trips to the hairdresser to keep it looking good.  The benefit of this is that it means you can be more adventurous and try out a few highlights or low lights and not worry about how long they might take to grow out.  This is a great way to experiment and find out which colouring and style really suits you.

How to choose the right short mature hairstyle:
Look at your face shape, then at the areas you want to draw attention to:
  • If you have a great jawline; go for a short, modern crop
  • if your face has thinned as you have aged, short hair with some gentle curls should help to soften your look.
  • Pay attention to your coloring. Just because you have always dyed your hair black, or bleached it, doesn't mean it will suit your skin tone now.  A shade warmer than your natural skin tone should help your hair to look healthy. 
  • Don't be afraid to stay grey! Just look at Helen Mirren - growing old gracefully.
Benefits of short haircuts for senior ladies

If you have never worn your hair short, you’ll probably find it very liberating.  There are a lot of advantages to short hair, from ease of maintenance to staying cool. 

"Wash and go” styles abound, and they’re a revelation to those of us accustomed to mousse, gel, hairspray, blow dryers, style wands, curlers, etc., etc.  As an added bonus, you’ll also find changing or refreshing your colour is much easier. 

Try to find a stylist who you can really trust, as this will make the decision to go short much easier.  Also, be sure to tell them how much time you want to spend maintaining your look. 

If your hair is naturally curly but the style you're looking at is straight, remember that it means you will have to do your hair every morning.  There might be a style that naturally compliments how your hair falls naturally!

That said, you might want to look at one or two of the following websites and see if you find any inspiration.  For a small fee, some sites let you upload your own picture and "try on” the styles shown.  Others feature styles purported to be for the "older” or "mature” woman, right up to "senior styles”.
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Mature women look great with short hairstyles. It hides their age and adds softness to face. Here is a link from where you can get Photos Of Short Hair Styles For Mature Women:

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