Looking For Toddler Boy Hair Styles. Anyone Have Pics Of Cute Ideas?


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The advice for children is usually to cut their hair regularly to ensure that it grows through thick and healthy.  As your boy becomes a toddler however, it can be the right time to start developing a style and let their hair grow a little.

Cute Toddler boys hairstyles

I personally think that boys look pretty cool if they are allowed to grow their hair a bit longer, they look like a mini surfer dude!  Be careful of this look however as it can make a boy look quite feminine, which can be embarrassing for you, them and anyone who says 'Oh your daughter is so sweet!'.

Angelina Jolie gives her children.  Being more of an 'Earth Mother' she allows her children to experiment with their looks. Her son Maddox especially, going from a mohawk to a shaved head...Hair grows out so why not try some of these hairstyles for toddlers:

Harry Styles from one direction shows how great this look can be on a boy, as did the Jonas Brothers.

Here is a picture of a similar cute hairstyle for toddler boys.

This one can be left down as a normal hair style for school, but with a little bit of gel, spiked up for a cool-dude look!

If you want to experiment with this further, grow the fringe out at the front and cut the sides shorter!
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I have 2 boys and I am all about style with them.

With my youngest; I get a #1 on the sides and back faded into the top which I leave long enough to mess up or style it to the side. Your best bet would be to pickup some magazines or look online & print off some pictures YOU like.

The salon also provides books to look at children's haircut photos. The choice is yours in the long run. Everybody has different styles.

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Fohawk all the way! I have a little brother and hhe loves it and everyone thinks its adorable!

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