Is there a brand of jeans that will make my butt look hot?


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Brand new idea, they scan your body just like at the airport then they give you your exact fit of jeans to all the stores in your area. Then all you do is buy the ones you like.guaranteed to work.
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That or just set your pants on fire with you in them then you will really be hot in your pants.
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There are all kinds... But you have to know your body type...are you a curvy girl...are you a medium sized girl...or a petite girl....and also your body shape...hour glass,triangle(bottom heavy),up side down triangle (top heavy),rectangled shaped,circle shaped(big at the top but very skinny legs) see what you are and plug it into google and i'm sure you will get alot of answers
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You can wear Charlotte Russe jeans to make your butt look sexy.
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Latex is a material massively used for a wide array of clothing. You can
come across latex clothing commonly used in fetish fashion and by BDSM
latex jeans is so sexy and can also make your butt

look hot!

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