Show Me Pictures Of Short Hair Styles?


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Short hairstyles vary and different styles suit different shaped faces.
The oval shaped face is the most versatile shape you can have, almost any style or cut, long or short, will suit you.

For an oval face, layered front sections on any style will definitely highlight your facial features. The best short cut for an oval face is a cute pixie cut with a soft fringe; style can be worn as a straight smooth cut or with soft curls and spikes. You can make this look really versatile if you keep extra length on the top and short sides.

The idea with a long face is to create the perception of width
by making your face look fuller. Width is created in a number of different ways, for short hair it's best to have a chin length bob, softly layered or curled on the sides and a soft side swept bang. Chin length styles give the illusion of width as well as curls and layers. Side swept bangs are soft and downplay a long forehead. Avoid short cuts that add volume on the top of the head, as it will give your entire look more length instead of width.

Short hairstyles are a little difficult for a round face; the idea is to try elongating the face, for this you will need to keep your hair length at least past the chin. A long bob is ideal, but avoid too straight a cut or an extremely curly cut, as this will only accentuate the roundness of your face. For a long bob just past the chin, add very soft waves or layers (try keep the top part of the hair flat with waves starting past the ears) to add height to the style.

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