What Are Good Hair Styles For Women Who Wear Glasses?


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If you wear glasses there are several hair styles that you could have to compliment your look.  This mainly depends on how much attention you want to draw to your glasses.

If you have gone for rimless glasses as you want them to appear almost invisible, I would suggest a hairstyle that is feathered around your face.  If you have short hair, have some longer wisps down as far as your cheek bone to frame your face.

If you have some designer glasses and want to make these part of your look; the world is your oyster! 

Here are some examples of short hair cuts for Women who wear glasses:

If you have glasses and longer hair, you have the best of both worlds as putting your hair up can draw more attention to your eyes and open up your face, showing off your jawline.

Here are some photos of long hairstyles for people with glasses.

If you decide that you definitely do not want to wear contact lenses, it is worth considering investing in a really good pair of glasses, or several different pairs depending on your style for that particular day.  Alexa Chung has strong rimmed glasses that suit if her hair is up or down.

If you have light blond hair, you might find that a more rimless pair of glasses suit better.

Some styles for wearing your hair down with glasses:

Make the most of having glasses: Make them just another accessory like your handbag or shoes, and use them to express your style!
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My hair is fine, thin soft blonde gray natural color!  Is blunt cut nape length with a light body perm. It is dry and fly away every time I get out. Even with products in it.  I want a close cut that is feminine.  I wear glasses.

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Think it depends on the shape of the glasses, why not get contacts and then you won't have to worry about it - you'll be able to do whatever with your hair!

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