I Have Scabs All Over My Scalp And It Itches Badly. My Hair Dresser Left A Perm On My Hair For An Hour Too Long. I Suffered Almost Complete Hair Loss. Most Of The Hair Came Back But My Scalp Feels Like Something Is Crawling On It., What Could It Be?


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wow thats freaky I'm a hairdresser and never left a client with a perm on an hour too long how the h...l did that happen >>>>anyway I suspect the itchiness could b the scalp reacting to the trauma the same way a sunburn does or a sore healing >>I think it is a good thing tho I'm sure its driving you crazy.>> an active scalp means the hair will no doubt come back >>>>persevere with itch  but a wouldn't go hard on the scratching or use anti itch products on the scalp.>> try a good antihistamine from the drugstore  for allergies with itching
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Go to the emergency room or urgent care clinic NOW. You could have a severe allergic reaction!! To hair stuff, etc.

Also, we have how many people with how many communicable diseases, if you have scabies or some other type of critter, don't you want to get rid of it? See a doctor! Your hairdresser does NOT have the answer to this one!
BEN GREGO answered
First off, I'd slap the hairdresser silly! Just kidding...BUT I would make such a complaint to the owner, the state board of cosmetology, as they never heard before! An hour too long?? What the hell were they doing all that time? My GOD...this is truly a crime....as someone else on here said, go to a dermatologist NOT YOUR DOCTOR, and see what they can do for you!
As for your side effects, you have my deepest sympathies...the owner of the salon should be paying LL your medical expenses!!!!! You should probably see at least three different specialists, what with the horrible things you are experiencing! You should also report this salon to your local Better Business Bureau, and call one of your local TV stations to expose this awful place!
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The water is running down your face! Your scalp is not a sponge! It's itchy because it is healing. The doctors must think you're a looney.

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