A Good Way To Lighten Brown Hair To Blonde-ish?


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My suggestion would be to use a frosting cap to highlight your hair. If you color all of your hair, then you will have to retouch the roots every 4 to 6 weeks. You do not say if you are planning on coloring it yourself or going to a professional. If you are going to do the color yourself then give me a shout.
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Honestly, this is worth going to a professional I you want it to look right.  If you have dark hair (like me) there is a tendency in the home kits for your hair to go through what they call an "orange stage" where you think you're getting blonde, but your hair doesn't got through the chemical process all the way.

Start with highlights and continue adding over a couple months and this will look the most natural and dramatic way.
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You are absolutely right Lmarcia. People end up paying a whole lot more to have their hair color corrected than they would have if they had just gone to a professional and gotten it done. You can't achieve blonde results when you start with brown hair with over the counter hair color products That's why I told her to give me a shout if she was planning to do it herself at home. But judging by her answer, that her dad is very good at doing hair, I got the impression that she didn't want any more input from me.
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Put highlights in your hair.

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You can use some hydrogen peroxide, just pour it all over your hair and go out in the hot sun for a few hours. The bad thing is that it can dry out your hair
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You can beat some egg whites until they are stiff peaks and they sit out in the sun and that will lighten your hair
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Hi. I have light brown hair and am thinking of going lighter. Would this work - I have pale but pinkish skin, and light eyes? Also, any way to avoid the "orange stage"?

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