How to go from dark brown hair to light light golden brown hair? My hair is dark brown and I want light light golden brown. Any way without bleach? Ant certain products? Thanks!


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Well, if you're asking how to make your hair WITHOUT damaging it, that's not possible. If you really wanted to, you can do the lemon treatment on your hair. The problem with this method is it really makes your hair dry and damages your hair. I've never tried it before, but I've always heard of the method. This website will show you multiple ways to make your hair lighter, but these ARE NOT permanent and are GRADUALLY making your hair lighter. I know it's a lot of work, but if you really want it, do it.
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Colour will not lift colour. In other words, don't think you can go buy a box of whatever lighter shade is on the shelf and think it will lift your dark-brown colour to the colour on the box.
The only way to lighten your dark-brown hair is to bleach it. Once that's accomplished, then the 'shade', or 'colour', you want your hair to be is applied. I do not recommend you do this process yourself. If money is an issue, call a Beauty School, tell them what you want, and specifically ask for their most experienced hair colourist-- someone who is about to graduate.

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