How To Lighten Hair That Is Dyed Too Dark?


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I put this recipe in.... Warning.... It smells.... But it does lighten brown hair.
The Mixureeee:
-However much hot water
-2 bags of chamomile tea
-However much honey
-However much Mayo
-However much cinnamon
Shake it all up and wella, lighter, grosser smelling hair....
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I touched up my hair to get rid of the small patches of grey hair. But in doing so I left it on a little too long making my hair much darker brown than I had intended. A friend told me the following advice. It worked well for me. Take olive oil and just a few drops of mayonnaise and mix it together. Work it into your hair as if you were shampooing. Let sit for 20 to 25 minutes. Then wash out with cool water. Afterwards I had to shampoo a few times to rid my hair of the mayonnaise smell. It also conditioned my hair really well.
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Avoid dying your hair a lighter color. Color does no remove color.  We always use to wash the hair in Tide washing detergent, that will definately remove some of the depth. I'm a stylist for over ten years and this is what I always do. Remember to re condition after !

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