What Are Cute Ways To Do Short Hair?


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This question could be answered a number of ways. How short is your hair? If your hair is very short, cut in a pixie-style, then there are a few unique looks that you can achieve with the right product. A texturising product such as a clay or a sea-salt spray can allow you to create a messed-up, bed head look with your super short hair. For a more sophisticated look, use a heat protection product before blow-drying your hair straight, pulling the hair upwards and outwards from the root to prevent it from falling flat. Finish by applying a shine-serum to the ends of your hair, or by blasting your style with hairspray, to help your style endure through the day.

If your hair is the length of a very short bob, down to the jaw line or the bottom of the ear, then one of the easiest styles to maintain is a sleek and straight style, which is achieved in a similar way to the one described above. One of the benefits of having hair of this length, or a little longer, is that it holds volume and body incredibly well. To boost the amount of body in your hair, pump an amount of mousse into your hand which roughly covers about half of your palm, rub your hands together, and they apply the mousse by lifting up sections of damp or wet hair and working the mousse into the roots. A volumizing spray can also be used in a similar way. It is better to apply the most volume-enhancing product at the bottom of your hair, working your way up towards your parting, gradually using less product as you go, to prevent your roots from appearing greasy. Blow dry the hair pulling up and outwards from the root, and once your hair is completely dry, run straighteners over the lengths and ends of your hair, avoiding the roots in order to maintain the body you have created by blow drying. If the top sections of the hair are long enough, you could use a comb to tease them from the back, and pin them up and away from your face, leaving the bottom sections of your hair hanging down.
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Yes my hair is short it pritty short
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There are plenty of cute ways to wear short hair look up if you have fine hair I am partial to a bob.  If you have course hair something more layered, a pixie cut  which are short layers that lay close to the head.  I also like the combination of both  the cut that kate goslin has is cute  I believe the styles are determined by the texture of your hair
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Get some mousse or gel, put it in your hair and scrunch it.
It makes it look oober cute! :)

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