What Treatment Can I Use For Hair Loss?


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Chicken Crap

A 17th-century medical handbook advises men to put chicken manure on their scalps as a cure for baldness.

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A hair Herbal oil is the best treatment for the hair loss - you can usually order products like that online.

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The latest news on baldness involves two common substances: Copper and salt. If you are bald, you may be getting too much of both.

Studies show that the amount of copper in your body has a direct relationship to how much hair you have on your head. Too much copper means too little hair. The primary culprit is the copper pipes through which you get your drinking water. Go to Wal-Mart and buy this hair vitamin called "Hair". It will help prevent hair loss and will also thicken your hair. Or
try applying olive oil to your hair when you go to Sleep at night....
If you have baldness, then consider weaves and plugs. With a weave, natural or synthetic extensions are attached to your already existing hair. Your hair looks fuller, but you have to have the extensions adjusted every four weeks as you own hair grows out.

Plugs are very suggestful, because doctors transplant hair from other parts of the body to your head. Once in place, the plugs begin growing and acting just like it always belonged on your head.
Perhaps the the easiest cure for baldness is to do nothing at all. Several actors, including Sean Connery and Patrick Stewart, have made baldness not only socially acceptable but downright sexy.
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Hairloss and baldness are hormonal and really have nothing to do with copper or salt. A unbalance in your system....hormones...will effect your hair loss as well as stress and genetics. Look at your family.
There isn't a whole lot to do if it is genetics...Nioxin which is a professional salon hair treatment line does help grow new hair and slows down the hairloss process with just the shampoo and conditioners. The Nioxin Treatment is needed to help grow new hair.
The stuff you buy in the stores is a lifer situation. Once you stop using it , you lose all the hair you gained.
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For controlling hair loss you should eat fruits and green vegetables. You take a diet rich in proteins. You should use herbal products for hair treatment. If you want quick results you can go for hair transplantation which numerous people trust for getting their hair back. 
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You can use Leimo Hair Treatment to improve your natural hair. Leimo hair laser comb will help to improve the blood circulation in your scalp. Hair regrowing products such as bio cleansing shampoo and hair thickening conditioner. Aside from shampoos, you may use scalp serum and scalp scrub.
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There are so many home remedies for hair loss. The most effective in my opinion is to heat pure Coconut Oil.

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Well, if you prefer to use natural treatments, there are lots of ways to stop hair loss and even make you hair grow. Nowadays, one of the most popular remedies are the ones based on the saw palmetto extract. 

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Well you can undergo hair replacement or hair transplant. Now-a-days non-surgical hair transplant is also available. Other option is that you can use hair thickener products like nanofibers which makes your hair look thicker instantly.

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