Can stress cause hair loss?


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Yes it can.
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YES !! It cause hair loss & many other problems.
Stress raises your level of Cortisol, which is a stress hormone.  Once this hormone is raised in your system, you'll start noticing an assortment of changes in yourself. At 1st U may not notice a thing...but it will catch up with U, guaranteed !!
I think gray hair is more hereditary, tho stress can certainly contribute. There is also male pattern baldness ( & female ) that just happens also.
A lot of women will lose an amt. Of hair when they become menopausal too.'s a hormonal change n' not much either can do about it. Unless they go for transplants or wear wigs & hairpieces.
Most men choose to wear a hat to cover up their baldness...Women choose hairpieces.
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Yes,stress causes hair loss
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Yes it causes, because i am the perfect example loll.
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Yes also if you play too much games or think a lot it Will cause hair loss and white hair
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Well, stress can definitely cause grays..especially around the face line!! Therefore, I would think that it could cause hair loss, too. Stress can do many things to a body. I use to break out in blisters when my mom would make me nervous as a teenager.
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Merlin Paine
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You know that is strange Eyewatcher.....I am 47 and the only gray I have is in my beard on my chin. Marrying a Scarlet O'Hara will do it to you if you know what I mean ....
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I know what u the same token, my luck was just the opposite. I married a Bill Clinton; but, have been smart enough to dump my trash!! But, I can't recover from the grays!! Lol
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It definately can.  I had hair loss and a persistent pain between my shoulder blades when I was working in a particularly stressful job.  When I quit, my hair came back in thick again ( with time) and the pain went away, never to return.
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Oh Yes.    During My Breakup And Miscarriages I
Could Not Sleep Or Eat Proper.. And My Hair Got Very Fragile.. Now  I Just Laugh At Stuff That Made Me All Angry And Tense Back Then. I Guess Time Can Teach You
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Yes it will. Also a friend of mine has a bunch of stress (concerning his wife who has "all-timers").
Before he FINALLY, (after 5yrs), he put her in nursing home,  he had pacemaker put in, then heart attack, then open heart, then stroke, lost 20lbs too.  The doctors and all his friends told him what was gonna happen, but no listen.
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Absolutely it does. My advice: Take care of yourself. Eat right, exercise, and nurture your soul. Find a way to relax and turn off your brain.

There are more remedies for hair loss,I've heard Reloxe and Nioxin are really good for hair growth.

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Yes, stress can cause hair fall.You need to a maintain a healthy diet to keep up with your tiring schedules. Healthy body and mind are a prerequisite for lustrous hair. how to stop hair fall? There are home remedies for hair loss cure, through which you can get more home remedies for stop hair loss also regrowing you hair,and cure your hair instantly

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Stress – Severe stress can cause hair loss,
when people’s immune system attacks the hair follicles.

Anxiety – Most people experience uneven
heartbeat, breathlessness, and a number of other symptoms when they suffer from
anxiety attacks, which also can cause other problems like hair loss.

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I've always been pretty laid back,but i started getting grey hairs when i was 14 years old.That's heredity,from my mothers side of the family
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Yes of course but not only stress my dear, check it out the causes of hair loss
Iron Deficiency Can Cause Hair Loss In Women
Changing Of Life Style Cause Hair Loss In Woman
Age Above 50’s Hair Loss In Woman
and many others, if you want to read the details of these causes you can go here

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