How Do You Use Hair Thinning Scissors?


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Using thinning scissors can be fun and tricky. It is important to go easy when wielding these scissors as you often can't tell exactly how much hair you have managed to thin out. Hence, always get rid of the snipped hair before using them to run through the hair again.

How much comes off depends on the sharpness of the scissors. Typically it is run the downwards after the hair has been sectioned off. However, leave you hair in the hands of a professional.

Remember that with thick, coarse hair, the use of a razor or thinning scissors will merely temporarily take the bulk out. Typically you find that once your hair begins growing again, it tends to lose its shape and become quite unruly. So if you do have such hair, you might want to consider a one-length blunt hair cut or possibly a layered style, which is cut with scissors.

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