Can You Buy Hair Thinning Scissors?


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Yes, hair thinning scissors are widely available. They are used by most barber shops and are known as hair shearers or professional thinning sheers as well. They can be bought from specialized suppliers of barber and hair care equipment. Most of these suppliers are wholesale distributors. Some reputed suppliers are:
Salon Sales, Birkenhead, Merseyside, UK Tel: 0151-653 4966
A K S Hairdressing Supplies, Burton-On-Trent, Staffordshire, UK Tel: (01283) 535408

Individual pieces can be ordered online as well. Common models include titanium pro shears, bamboo pattern hair cutting shear, 8118 Proline scissor, 1030 ergonomic scissors, 1009 5" INOX scissors, 8208 super soft, 8122 slimline in 8" and 10" models and 2606 scissors.

The trouble barbers have with shears could range from those that get blunt too soon to those that cause blisters. Each barber has his particular favourite. It is best to ask your stylist/barber as to what he/she would recommend.

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