Which Herbs , Flowers & Fruits Improve Skin Tone & Complexion?


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Specifically, vitamins E and A and C are key to a great complexion.  These can be found mangoes, apples, oranges, nuts and pumpkin seeds.  Try including these in your diet and you should start to see improvements after about 2 weeks. You'll notice a bigger difference in your complexion if you try to cut out caffeine, sugar and chocolate. 

There are no fruits proven to bleach your skin, although you can make face packs out yogurt, honey and oats.  These will remove dead skin cells and make your skin look brighter at least.  Yogurt and lime juice can be used as a pack, instead of Lime, you can try lemon as it is said to have natural bleaching properties in it.

Natural ingredients like Herbs, Flowers and Fruits can have a great effect on improvement of your skin.  Herbs such as Aloe vera, dock, sarsaparilla, Tea tree and sandalwood oil can help a lot to deal with acne.  These should be applied externally and not left on for too long, no longer than 10 minutes.  All of these have natural healing properties. 

A flower which can improve you complexion naturally, is a Hibiscus.  If you grind the leaves into a paste, mix with rose water and apply to the affected areas, this it thought to aid skin tone.

The steps below may also help to improve your complexion:

I. Try to avoid being stressed.  Hormones related to stress can give you a dull complexion.
Ii. Avoid Oily foods - by this I mean saturated fats, not good fats.  Good fats are found foods such as  avocados and brazil nuts
iii. Apply moisturizer every morning and night.  Massage on your skin in a particular direction(.  This should increase the circulation to your skin boosting cell renewal and therefore your skins natural healing abilities.
Iv. After cleansing, apply cool water to your face, this closes the pores up
V. Don't go for Chemically scented creams, they may be a further irritant.
Vi. Avoid over exfoliating as this prompts you sebaceous glands to produce even more oil, so you make matters worse!

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Use cucumber on your eyes and smother your face with tomato juice with the seeds leave for 10 mins then wash off BTW don't get it in your eyes !!!
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I think it is papaya
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I don't know about herbs or fruits, but a simple cod liver oil tablet with your breakfast every morning would help both skin and hair
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Natural ingredients like such as Aloe Vera, dock, sarsaparilla, sandalwood oil etc good for you skin.

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