How Can I Become Fair ? My Skin Color Is Black,can I Be Fair ?


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There is no true way to permanently become fair if colour if you have black skin.  The tanning process and production of melatonin is a natural process that takes place in the presence of ultraviolet rays.  People with pale skin can therefore falsify this and get darker skin if they do so desire, any many people over do it, causing sun damaged skin often leading to skin cancer.  It is however, based on a natural process, whereas skin bleaching isn't natural.

Although there are many products on the market promising to bleach and whiten skin, the skin cells on you face are constantly being renewed, so you would need to constantly be applying product and the result is likely to be uneven and disappointing.  I would recommend improving your complexion by eating well and getting into a great skincare routine.

Even if your skin is black, you can still use a sunblock to prevent becoming any more tanned and remaining your natural skin colour.

It is more important that you address why you are so keen to change a part of you that is so fundamental to who you are and where you come from.  Bob Marley used to say that if you cut each of us, no matter the colour of our skin, we all bleed the same.  No matter what colour you are, you can wear great clothes to compliment your skin and eyes, and wear striking make up. 

As a rule, people are attracted to confident people who know how to love themselves.  Maybe go on a make up course, learn how to make the best of your features, and realise that everyone is different, I would challenge anyone to say that there isn't something that they would change about themselves, although, you have a life to be getting on with.  Please don't wish it away on being something you're not. 

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Don't try to change your skin color.
Be proud of your race.
Please, don't make the same mistake Michael Jackson did.
Everyone looks better natural, and that includes NO fake tan or whitening creams

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God made you who you are you should be proud of it.  Use natural remedies if you wish to become fair and remember Gods every creation is beautiful on its own way.Be happy and be proud who you are.

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Lemon is a natural remedy of lightening skin, so is milk and honey. If you blend all of this and make a paste and applying it to your skin you should be able to see results. But try doing this about 2-3 times a week and make sure you keep doing it. If this doesn't work, be sure to stay out of the sun and use sunscreen for times when you are exposed to sunlight. There's also skin lightening creams that you could use, but I highly suggest that you see a dermatologist that specializes in skin lightening even for African-Americans. Celebrities do stuff like this all the time, even like Rhianna, Beyonce and Lil' Kim! So maybe you should go to a dermatologist where they an prescribe you something that's work specifically for you =) good luck!
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It is too bad that you do not care for the shade of your skin. There are products out there that promise to lighten and brighten dark skin. But I warn you there could be some unreversable side affects such as blotching, uneven skin color and worse.... Skin cancer. Have you noticed that few if any are satisfied with their own natural looks? Some women want bigger boobs, some want different shaped chins. I thought I'd have a stroke when women started getting lip injections. (go-o-o-o-d grief) I saw a movie (forgot the name) it took place in High School. Everybody had their own personal click. Yah know what I'm talking about: The good looking ones, the nerdy ones, the homely ones, the jocks? Anyway in one part of the movie the beautiful people had gotten word that one of their top beauties (who had recently gotten her lips injected) was taken to the hospital for emergancy surgury) apperantly her injected lips had leaked from the inside and her lips were now located somewhere on the side of her Neck. In other words. Please grow to love yourself. Your trying to alter something like skin color could end up fatal! Take Care!
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Why on earth would you want to lighten your lovely skin? If you naturally have dark skin, then embrace it! :)
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Stand proud of the way God made you!!  If you are confident it will show.  Somewhere out there someone is looking for a dark wonderful person such as yourself!!  If you are truly concerned, try staying out of the direct sunlight as much as possible and using sunscreens.
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HEY HI just don't worry do this take pap-pita and crush it now apply on your face wait for 15 min now wash it with cold water or normal water you can see the difference within week apply it daily for instant glowing skin.have fun
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Use a good foundation and then powder there are some good foundations on the market that can help achive this and cover a multitude of sins.
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Why do you want to have fair skin?
You shouldn't worry about what colour your skin is
if its because of comments your getting ignore them
your an individual
and you live in a diverse society
be yourself

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