How To Get Fair And Shiny Skin On Whole Body?


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Skin bleaching products that can be bought from the chemist are the only products that will permanently give you fair body skin.  However, these often contain dangerous levels of hydrogen peroxide and we would warn that the effects can be both harmful and undesirable, with many epople exepriencing patchy results and wishing that they had never started.

You can however, make your skin brighter and shinier using a great exfoliator and moisturiser.  Especially if you team this with a healthy eating regime.

Papaya, mango, Banana and Oranges are said to be the best detoxifying fruits with blueberries and watermelon close behind!  If you make a smoothie with these fruits every morning, add in some honey and lemon grass, you will definitely see an improvement in your skin.

Try to avoid 'bad fats' such as those found in chocolate and potato chips.  As with any major change in diet, you are likely to have some side effects.  In this case, you may find that your skin gets worse before it gets better,  but this is the effect of the detox, so please don't quit.  Keep going and your skin will end up glowing after a few weeks.

Once you have worked on putting goodness into your system, you can concentrate on improving your skin.  For brightening properties you can make a mix of oat, honey, lemon and milk or yoghurt and apply this all over your body,  leave for 10 minutes, then wash off in gentle circular motions.  Take care not to over irritate the skin with rubbing.  This will remove dead skin cells and allow fresh new cells to shine through!

After drying, use a great quality moisturizer, preferably one with coconut in it.  Failing that, baby oil is a great alternative and really locks in moisture.

use almond oil and massage ur body with it use jojoba oil and olive oil for shiny skin and rose water

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One of the best home made packs made in India for years to have a
glowing skin is :: Mix  turmeric powder and sandalwood powder with
orange juice. Apply this mixture on all over your body for half an hour
and then wash it with cold water. Then use any moisturizer that you
daily use. Apply this twice a week. You will get results within 3
weeks. It is suitable for all skin types. Just try. It also helps you to get a fair body.

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Well one of the way which I know is to cut cucumber in round shape and pour it in lemon juice and rub it on you   hands neck and face wait for 10 to 15 mins and wash it with cold water
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Stay indoors and never go out into the sun
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A person usually is born with fair skin however staying out of the sun can ensure that one does not darken by tanning. Apparently there is medication that can be taken to lighten one's skin but you would need to see a Doctor for this remedy. Wearing a good sun block can help with the sun and tanning issues. A lot of natural pigmentation however is from your heritage and the climate where you live.

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