How To Get A Fair Skin For Men?


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If you have a dark appearance and have the desire to make your skin fairer, there are a variety of things you can explore. Dark skin is sometimes a sign of too much melanin in the skin - but if you wish to make your skin tone lighter, you can blend together a mixture of rosewater and sandalwood. This will cool your skin thanks to its relieving properties, leaving it feeling refreshed.

You will be left with a lighter glow due to the fresh properties that sandalwood contains. Other alternatives in the pursuit of lighter skin include making paste of rose water and almonds. You should apply this in a delicate manner to the face on a nightly basis and onto the neck area to encourage a lighter appearance.

It is also true that vegetables have the ability to encourage lighter skin. You can use things like cucumbers and the skins of grapes that can be easily applied to the eyes or neck area as well as tomatoes, which you can gently rub on your face as some are acidic and will remove the dead skills to help you exfoliate. You can even use potatoes - these should be soaked in water for at least ten minutes before gently scrubbing the face.

Almond paste and ground almonds will be able to do similar jobs to the vegetable preparation, and you can also add in a teaspoon of milk and some lime juice to create a thin gloopy paste that you should gently massage into the skin.

You can also drink plenty of grape juice as well as coconut water, which is all the rage as it very healthy and maintains the skin's light appearance and complexion.

In terms of "becoming fair" you may be talking about your skin or your hair. Changing your skin colour is becoming more and more common; however it can lead to permanent damage and is often quite dangerous. You must seek professional and regulated products if this is something you decide to go through with. Changing your hair colour is obviously far easier and much safer, but also carries some risk if not done properly.

Changing your skin colour

If this is something you decide to go through with then you must research the best method for you. This could be a home remedy or by using bleaching creams that have a chemical called hydroquinone added to them. These are available in the pharmacy and they work by decreasing melanin production. Melanin is the pigment in your skin which determines the colour of your skin.  However these creams will not have the desired effect in 2 days, but it will take a week to 10 days to start to work.

Lightening your hair

Depending on what your original hair colour is, becoming fair could take 15 minutes or several weeks to get to the shade you desire. If you visit a hairdresser and ask them to go from dark brown or black hair to fair they may advise you to take this in a few steps as the chemicals used to bleach your hair can be very damaging. Generally hairdressers use peroxide to bleach hair, which is a very harsh chemical and can often cause allergic reactions, so always have this done by a professional.

The colour of a person's skin is not primarily due to outside factors although it can be partially influenced by them. A person's skin is a certain colour due to melanin, which is also known as pigment. It is a substance that affects the colour of a person's skin. Melanin absorbs or disperses ultra-violet light. Some theorists believe there is a correlation between dark skin and a substance called folate that is found in all people. In various studies it has been seen that ultra-violet light has a detrimental effect on folate levels. One test showed that when the substance was placed under a source of ultra-violet light the folate levels were reduced by half in just an hour. Folate is a member of the vitamin B family. This vitamin is used in the growth of the body. It is theorised that people with black skin have a high melanin count, which protects the folate in the body from being damaged by ultra-violet light.
     On the other hand some studies have been carried out showing the effect of ultra-violet light on the growth of vitamin D. It has been shown that UV rays promote the growth of vitamin D. A lot of people who have white skin are shown to have lived in the top of the northern hemisphere where UV light is weaker and therefore they produce less vitamin D. Due to this, it is thought that people developed less melanin in these areas so that their bodies would allow more of the UV rays in to grow the vitamin D. When we understand why are skin is a certain colour we can understand that it is not something that can be drastically changed in an easy way but has developed over countless generations to be the way it is now.

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Use lemon juice on face and leave it for 10 minute then wash off.
You will see a great change.
Try it!

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Guys can do the same things that girls do for looking good. Always choose a whitening moisturiser.secondly there are certain products of Garnier and Nivea developed especially for men.  A natural remedy to get fair skin is: Every night take 1 tablespoon of milk and add 3 drops of lemon  mix it and apply with cotton.try this every will get to your desired shade.
Take care :-)

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Mix Papaya into a paste and apply to your face every day, then witness the changes!

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One of the best home made packs made in India for years to have a
glowing skin is :: Mix  turmeric powder and sandalwood powder with
orange juice. Apply this mixture on all over your face for half an hour
and then wash it with cold water. Then use any moisturizer that you
daily use. Apply this twice a week. You will get results within 3
weeks. It is suitable for all skin types. This helps to have a fairer skin. Just try it.

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Some of the best skin lightening creams in the market today, thus, work by making skin discoloration less prominent. These creams usually contain active ingredients such as hydroquinone and steroids that help reduce the amount of melanin present in the skin. Hydroquinone is among the most widely used, FDA-regulated skin lightening ingredient in the U.S.

Melblok's Pure Face Wash Gel, a scientifically engineered skin restoring face wash, has a unique pH balanced Bio-Gel formulation that matches the skin’s natural biology and helps to make your skin fair and naturally young.

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No one can become fair. Advertisements proclaim that fairness cream works but it is all a myth. Our skin pigmentation is responsible for the color of our skin. You can however keep your skin its natural shade,  that can be done by applying suntan lotion when you have to go in scorching sun and you can also avoid caffenated drinks like coffee and tea. But there is no 'magic formula' for becoming fair!

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