I've Heard That Lemon Juice Can Reduce The Appearance Of Scars. Is This True?


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It is indeed true! Lemon juice has natural bleach properties which, if applied to a scar regularly, can really help to reduce the appearance of it. Lemon juice is also an acid and so it makes a good Exfoliator for the skin. This means that it easily moisturises and removes the tough fibroplasts which scar tissue is made of. It is also good on acne scars, as is cucumber juice. It is thought that if you rub cucumber juice on the affected area, then you leave it on for fifteen minutes before rinsing it off, it will really help to fade acne scarring.

Overall lemon juice is great for reducing scars and so is cucumber juice. There are other natural remedies too which you may find useful. These can be found both online and in books from the library. Natural remedies are so much better for the skin, they are cheaper than traditional treatments, and they do work. You just need to give them a little while to work!
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contains two lightening ingredients which are citric acid and vitamin
C. Basically it is proven natural bleaching treatment. Lemon contains
Vitamin C which is effective for skin lightening, acne marks, clearing dark
spots and dark patches on face. Lemon is a usually safe natural treatment, if
you've got any genuine skin issues or you're allergic to lemons, then don't use
this treatment. I think you should try toIntilight. It is a high-quality product for lighten your skin.

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As far as I know, the lemon juice propers whitening effect, so, theoretically, it may reduce the dark coloring of a scar. But if you need to get rid of the scar which doesn't look very different in color from the rest of your skin, you'd better try aloe vera juice or essential oil.

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