How Can I Get Rid Of Old Scars?


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There are ways to reduce the appearance of scars, and the most effective way is through laser surgery. It is not possible to get rid of scars completely, but laser surgery could help to dramatically reduce the appearance of the scar.

There are other more natural products which are designed to help minimise the look of scarring, such as 'Bio oil'. It may not work for everybody but many people swear by it and they say using it daily has really helped reduce the appearance of their scars. You can also buy Silicon in gel form which helps to flatten and lighten scarring, making it less visible to the naked eye.

Older scars generally take longer to heal than newer one's, but their appearance will fade eventually if you use the various products out on the market.

So, though it isn't possible to completely remove scars, there are ways to make them less noticeable.

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I don't think you can eradicate them completely... I've had excellent results with a product called Skinderma Pro, I'd say it has faded my scarring by about 85-90% and it has taken just over 3 months to get to that stage, It doesnt look like I'm going to see any further results now though!

Prior to that I tried bio oil... Which is also pretty good but not as good as Skinderma Pro, but if you are on a budget, opt for Bio oil (as Skinderma Pro is very expensive)

Another option, like the person above states; is Silicon sheets and gel... I've not tried them so I can't really comment on if they work or not, but they might be worth a try!
Maybe you should try a silicone ointment sold at most drug stores...♥nassy  {it worked for my burn scars}
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Ummmm well you can try getting some really good councilor. MAC sells really good ones. I mean it wont get rid of them but it will cover them up.
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You could have a specialist do a procedure called derm abrasion if they feel they can do it . I am not a doctor so you will have to talk to a doctor to find out the details and the cost....
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I think depending upon the size and severity of the scar will determine the length of time to fade or eliminate it.  If the scar is moderate to severe consider contacting a dermatologist.

Otherwise, there are handcrafted, natural, skin care products helpful to reverse or fade scarring for mild to moderate cases.  Ingredients such as:  Aloe vera juice, shea butter, emu oil and goat milk are helpful for scars.  Natural goat milk soaps and lotions can contain all of these natural ingredients and more.

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If you are taking acne treatment then you are not alone because lot of people who try to find that how to get ride on acne don't worry its treatment is possible but take any kind of treatment you will have to take some natural treatment and give attention on your diet.
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Totally look into laser treatment. It really depends how big they are to determine how many you should get.  Hope that helps:)
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I've heard that if you rub Vitamin E oil onto the scar every day, it will help it to fade but most likely not that fast. Also try cocoa butter, maybe even olive oil will help. ;)
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Depending on the severity of the scars, you may not be able to get rid of them without the aid of cosmetic surgery. However, get a tube of Mederma. It's a scar fading cream and works well to fade the color from a scar making it harder to see.
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Mederma skin care for scars. Its gel that you put on the scar and ive always heard it works.
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I know this might be strange but I cut my leg open like 2 yrs ago and I got a big scar like (was accidental) but I would never get rid of it. When I look at it, it just brings back memorys :)
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Consider using skin care products with natural ingredients helpful to reverse or fade scarring. Aloe vera juice, emu oil and shea butter are all helpful for scars.  There are handcrafted soaps, lotions and more containing these natural ingredients. 

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I don't think you can get rid of scars that quickly most scars take many years to dissapear and that is just the minor ones. Deep cuts will leave you with a scar for the rest of your life only to be hiden by the wrinkles you end up with as you get older.If the scar you want to get rid of is only minor then try some kind of cosmetic but as you will probably realise that is only a temporary way to cover it up.

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