Where Can A Person Get "State Of Mind" --'Synergy 5' Scented Bath Candle And Body Lotions?


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If you are having trouble locating State of Mind - Synergy 5 scented bath candles and body lotions in the shops, then it is possible that the products have been discontinued. Internet research does not yield any results for the bath products and it does not seem as if anyone knows where they can be purchased. There are plenty of other bath and beauty products available to help you enjoy a relaxing soak.

Try to take a bath on a day where there is nothing else you should be doing. The only way you can truly relax is to empty your thoughts of anything stressful. Knowing that you have deadlines to meet or chores to do can intrude on your mind and stop you from being able to completely forget about things. Scented candles, whether shop bought or home made, are the perfect way to set the right atmosphere for a stress relieving bath.

Line your tub with candles, preferably a lavender fragrance, and switch off the lights for a spa retreat feeling. This is even more appreciated at night, a bathroom that is only lit by candles is far more relaxing than one that has sunshine streaming through the window. Be patient and let the bath run fully before stepping in. It can be tempted to jump in as soon as there is enough water but it is worth the wait to get into a full-to-the-brim bath. Use your favourite bath products, whether they are bubbles, oils or even homemade skin treatments like milk or oatmeal. Take in some flavoured tea or a glass of wine and lie back with music on in the background, a book or even take in a laptop to watch a guilty-pleasure TV programme.

Although you may not be able to get hold of Synergy 5 products, you can still have a very relaxing bath.

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