How Do You Get Rid Of Acne Scars On Your Nose?


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Acne is the most common skin problem, affecting an estimated 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 at one time or another - so you are not alone! Also, many celebrities are among those affected, such as Cameron Diaz, Victoria Beckham and the late Richard Burton, so this only goes to show that acne doesn't have to be a barrier to being considered very attractive.

Make-up can make a tremendous difference to the appearance of the cysts, scars and pitted effect that can be caused by the more severe types of acne, as these photographs of the lovely Ms Diaz show.

There are a number of companies which make specialist camouflage make-up, which can hide a whole range of facial disfigurements such as birthmarks and port wine stains, as well as acne scars.

These products usually differ from mainstream foundations, in that they are designed to stay on a lot longer, and are thicker and more dense than conventional products.

Of course, for mild to moderate acne, non-specialist make-up, well-applied, may be all that is required to transform your appearance, as this video tutorial shows:

However, for more heavy-duty, longer-lasting effects, some of the best-known manufacturers of specialist make-up are as follows:

Click on any of the links above to be taken to the individual companies' websites, so that you can see further details and examples of the types of skin condition that these products can help to camouflage.

Also, to help gain confidence, it would probably be a good idea to watch some of the many videos available online, which show bare-faced acne sufferers applying their make-up.

The results are amazing, and no-one need ever know that you have acne scars or pitting of the skin at all!

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This is not a commercial cream or lotion, but it is a home remedy that really works, and can save you a ton of money trying different store products:

Mix a teaspoon of powdered nutmeg with a teaspoon of honey, and apply liberally to the scarred area. After 20 minutes, wash it off with cool water.

Do this twice a week, and within a couple of months, you should see a real improvement. It takes a bit of time, but stick with it. You won't be sorry.

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Theres not a lot you can do about it do you should cleanse, tone and moisturize everyday, if its bad then go to your doctor if you don't like it that much theres things they can do with surgery. Hope this helped
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Treatments for  Acne:

  1. Water: Drink lots of water, at least 3–4 liters daily. Water keeps skin hydrated and remove all kinds of impurities that tend to become clogged inside pores.
  2. Vitamin E: There is a reason why vitamin E is often referred to as beauty vitamin. It is an antioxidant that helps neutralizes the harmful UV rays of the sun and repairs damaged skin.
  3. Aloe vera: This plant is an excellent cure for hyperpigmented skin. The slimy substance in aloe vera, mucilaginous polysaccharides, is good at removing dead skin cells and promoting skin regeneration.
  4. For more serious problems, you need more than these home remedies. In that case use high-performance skincare solution, such as Melblok Home Kit Advanced for pigmentation prone skin.

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You Can Reduce Scars by Taking Vitamin E or Using Vitamin E Oil, But It wont Reduce the Holes, Also Note that every time you pop a Pimple it will multiply into an acne. You can also try washing your face with warm water and Soap every morning after u wake up, and every night before you go to sleep.Here you came to know that How to get rid of pimples? There are also various home remedies for acne to get rid of pimples or acne instantly.

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Every morning I dab organic cider vinegar on my face with a cotton pad leave it five minutes then rinse it off. Do this for about two weeks.

Then to maintain this I have been boiling some hot water and putting lavender flowers from my garden in the water and some green tea (sencha) leaves and added about a quarter of apple cider vinegar to the solution and use this every evening as a toner.

Every three to four days I use a scrub ( I use boots microderm exfoliator its not cheap but its a very good one).

I was also suffering from acne so you may not wish to use the lavender and if you dont have any organic good green tea you could always just use a few green tea teabags.

This routine has done wonders for my skin it has cleared up my existing acne and has made a huge difference to the scarring that was on my face.

You may also like to look at using some Tamanu oil (you can buy this from e bay) as I have found this is far better than bio oil and is more natural as its pure from a nut. If you are searching for the Home Remedies & Natural Cures for the common problems . Then visit  the hundreds of Natural Home remedies you get instant of knowledge.

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