Why Do People Lose Their Hair?


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Children, husbands, april 15th, Survivor shows. Wouldn't it be funny if rockstar really was bald. Lllooolll 
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I tear my hair out having to deal with the females of the species. I want my rib back!
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thanks a lot are you being mean??????? i used the rib to make another female so you will go bald!!!hahaha!!!!
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I start loosing my hair when it's time to get it cut. I guess it's all the old hair falling out.  Men can make a woman loose her hair too. No haha about that.
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My hair is a lot thinner than in my twenties ,I still have a lot but I definitely think its thinner ,I have polycystic ovary syndrome last 8 years though an I think that may be part of it
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All I can really say is it's might be in the genes, or that some people are just predisposed to it.
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Sometimes through carelessness; they put it down somewhere and forget where they left it.
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I think mine was lost on the head board!
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It's genetic. I knew a girl in her 20's that was almost bald and she tried to style her hair to make it look like she had more. She wound up wearing wigs. My husband is bald and I think he looks sexy. Peace
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Genetics is one way, but stress and clogged pores on the scalp can cause hair loss also.
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Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors from the environment to genetics.  Some causes are recent major surgery, illness, stress, hormonal problems, recently having a child, reactions to medication, infections, having a major disease, and even how you wear your hair.

If its due to genetics you can buy hair loss products to help slow and/or stop the hair loss at www.solutions4hairloss.com.  You can also read more about hair loss on many sites such as www.hairlossresource.net.
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There are many reasons why people lose their hair because of genetics, stress and also improper diet.
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Well illnesses can contribute to hair loss and dying it to much. Like kids who dye there hair orange, get bored, dye it pink this makes your hair less durable and thinner and also causes hair loss!

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