What Is A Good Hair Color For Green Eyes?


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When choosing a hair color, your complexion is more important than the color of your eyes!

The more tanned you are, the more colors you can generally get away with. Autumnal colors and tones tend to look best with green eyes, though!

Red or Auburn
Most people with green eyes can make red or auburn hair work for them.

If you’re relatively tanned, you can get away with a brighter shade of red. This can also look good if you’re really pale, but not everybody can pull it off!

If you’ve never had red hair before, you might want to start off with auburn, just to make sure you like it – bright red can take some getting used to.

People with a pinkish skin tone will want to avoid reds and oranges as much as possible.

Luckily, brown hair suits most complexions. You might want to go for a reddish brown, or brown with light brown or blond highlights. There are so many different shades to choose from!

Golden Blond
Avoid going for a platinum blond color, and go for a dirty blond or golden blond instead. This can look really nice if you have a cool skin tone, but if your skin’s quite pink, you might want to avoid it!
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The best color depends on the color of your complexion.

If you are fair, a blonde or red would work well. If you are medium, a red or brown would be pretty.

If your skin is dark and you have green eyes, dark brown, black, or deep auburn would be nice.
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Green eyes match perfectly with red hair.

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