Why Do People Think Blonde's Are Dumb? Lol Just Wondering


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greg gowen answered
The better you look, the less you have to do, people do it for you, so you dont learn by doing, which results in very attractive people not really being "smart", I think that is how we end up with "dumb blondes", and I wouldnt want to live in a world without them!
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I don't know where or when it all started but I do know Fox News Channel is not helping the blonde's cause lol
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marlen bonita answered
I dont think so there are alot of smart and stupid people with different colors,my sister is blonde and she is really smart,,like there are alot of stupid people on blurtit that u cant know who is dumb and who is dumber..!
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John answered
Joke-because it take s a brunette to sit between them to act as a interpreter.
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Annie Devore answered
Oh I Am Blonde And I Am Not A Nitwit At Least I Hope Not,,I Can Actually Change My Oil And Tires.. I Think It Came From TV. Many Years Ago Remember "Chrissy" From Three's Company...
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Mike McCarthy answered
It is NOT nice for people to say so.  Blonde's can be beautiful people.
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Megan goodgirl answered

They're just being mean. But I'll have you know lots of blondes are smart and successful. Brunettes are too - but there a lot sassier.

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Sarah answered
I dont think tht but if they think tht may they r jealous of ur beautiful blonde hair
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Seffie Jones answered
That is an insult on my behalf. I will not except this question. I believe everybody can have their weaknesses. Besides, blonde's have more fun!
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Karen answered
Why, are u blonde.....???
Blonde + brains = Dumb
Not really
all hair colors can be dumb...they say cause the blonde dye seeps into the skull affecting the brain. Not really but u better be careful of cancer.
Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
You can thank Marilyn Monro-type roles
for that I think.  MM sounded like she was
dumb and a baby-talker.  Dumb and
adoring...the way the men of the time
wanted them.
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Hey im a natural blonde and so r most of my friends and were super smart so i dont think blondes r dumb (and not just cuz im blonde)
and im guessing da dumb blonde thing came from t.v.

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