What kind of make-up and colors would you recommend for me? I have only a little color on my face (not completely pale though). Brown eyes, and lighter brown hair (trying to get rid of my blonde highlights)


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Hello Jaden,

In my point of view you don’t need to ask this question. With
a brown hair and brown hair and brown eyes you look pretty natural. Yes, if you
want to do something different then I suggest you to ask an expert for a better

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Hello Jaden
I think the best makeup anyone can rock and still look efortless in a unique way is wearing basic and neutral colours. Champagne and bronze eyeshadows are colours that usually look good on most people.

L’oreal Paris infallible Monos in Hourglass Beige

You can dress the look up just by simply add a touch of black at the out of corners of the eye.

For every day use I recommend paring mascara and a simple eyeliner (dark brown or even black).Mascara is always a must.

For the face, since you have a little colour in your face, you can enhance it by adding a litlle of flush tone bush or a bronzer to give you that natural sun kissed glow.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed

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When dealing with somebody with a slightly pale complexion, it is always a good idea to go with relatively subtle products. The purpose of make up is to naturally enhance your features, so anything too harsh may instead swamp you.

The best thing to do when it comes to make up is experiment. Practice is key. It's a good idea to visit a large makeup store such as MAC, where you are welcome to test all of their products and see what works for you. This way you can try it before you have the chance to get it wrong. Mac professionals are also on hand to assist you with getting the colours absolutely right for your complexion and colouring.

If you haven't had much experience with make up so far, it's best to start as subtle and simple as possible and build your way up to a look you are comfortable with, and a look that really enhances your natural beauty.

If you find MAC is a little too strong for your personal makeup needs, Bobbi Brown has a much more 'earthy' and natural looking selection.

I hope this helps.

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