Can You Please Tell Me How To Cure Dandruff?


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Dandruff is an ever-growing predicament and amongst people of all ages - from a three-year girl to a gentleman aged seventy seven or maybe more.

Primitively, dandruff was known as Pityriasis capitis. The sole reason for dandruff taking root in our heads is the excessive flaking of dead cells from our scalp. In addition to the above mentioned cause, other factors are namely:-
•Wrong eating habits
•Excessive worry and anxiety

Thank God, today we can proudly claim that we possess the remedies and easy-to-follow solutions to this mounting dilemma.

Following is the remedy that will guarantee you permanent eradication of dandruff and you can restore your lustrous hair that you once possessed


Things required:-
1.olive/coconut/wheat germ oil
2.a warm towel

What to do:-

Heat up gently five tablespoons of the oil that you are using. Massage the oil extremely well into your scalp and after that drape the warm towel around your head. Wait patiently for thirty minutes! After that rinse your hair thoroughly with water. Make sure that water contains some lemon juice in it. This is the most well-known and as easy as ABC cure for dandruff.
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Try Tea Tree Shampoos and Conditioners from the Health food Store. If you use this shampoo and conditioner EVERYTIME you wash your hair (Tea Tree) you should see a marked improvement on your dandruff either being less or just totally displaying. It cant hurt to try!
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The problem you are facing is very common and almost it bothers every one. And if the ratio is high, then you must consult a skin specialist. A helpful way of dealing with this problem is to always use medicated shampoo. It's much better if it is referred by the doctor.
Here are a few tips which may be effective for you.

Massage some vinegar into your hair and leave to dry for some time and then wash your hair. Hopefully it works
If you can buy coconut hair oil, it is the best oil for dandruff.
Massage it in your hair for some hours and then wash your hair with normal water, it will help you a lot. Use this oil twice a week to get the best result.

Lemon juice is an other helpful way to remove dandruff. You can use some drops of lemon juice in coconut oil and massage into your hair. Leave overnight and then wash . It will also give a bright shine to your hair.

Use the shampoo according to your hair structure. I hope, with some of my tips you can overcome the problem.
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Dandruff is really a problem these day. I have solution, I have implemented it and good sound results.
Take a lemon, cut it into 2 pieces, apply the lemon to the inside the hair, I mean till the roots of the hair.  Do it once in a week for 3 weeks, dandruff will be gone.
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I have recommended LISTERINE (yes, the mouth wash). It will relieve the itch, make you feel refreshed and also help with the flakes! You can also use SEA BREEZE. All you have to do is apply onto the scalp. Rub it with your finger-tips and leave in.
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Dandruff is a common problem and may flare up the most during the winter months when the skin and scalp is especially dry. Your climate may be partly responsible for dandruff; some people find it is eased when they spend time in warmer climates. Also, if you have dark hair, dandruff shows up more. Because there are so many people who have dandruff, there are many over the counter shampoos aimed at getting rid of the problem. Check the shampoo aisle at your local pharmacy for products formulated for helping dandruff. There are also special conditioners to accompany dandruff shampoos. Some hairdressers recommended leaving a dandruff shampoo in for a couple of minutes and then rinsing in order to have a more intense treatment. You could also see a dermatologist who may be able to recommended some oil treatments to help the problem. Dandruff is a common problem but there are effective treatments.
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An effective way to get rid of dandruff is to apply olive oil and after massage, use a thin-comb usually used to remove lice from hair to remove dandruff manually. After this, take a bath. This is an instant and 100% guaranteed cure. Otherwise all anti-dandruff shampoos are not good for the health of the hair as companies need to add strong ingredients for removing dandruff whereas in this manual method, there is no harm for the hair; rather, combing strengthens your hair
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To get rid of dandruff, first precaution is to get rid of the showy culture all around. That is, say no to the use of all synthetics on your hair.
Mix a camphor bead in 100 ml coconut oil and scrub the oil on your hair every Sunday. Wash after half an hour or maximum a hour. Surely you will get rid of it after three to four washes in severe cases; in mild cases it works after two washes only!
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Sadly there is no "cure" for dandruff. But if you have severe dandruff you can shampoo daily, with any shampoo or use one of the dandruff shampoos, and leave it on for "several minutes" for several days. This should bring relief. Hope it works.
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Some good answers and things for you to try. Just one thing to note. Many recommend washing hair daily, in some cases this will make the problem worse by irritating and drying the scalp. If this is very severe have it checked out medically as it may be another scalp condition that can be treated with special applications or shampoos.
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Get head and shoulders it takes it of fast my friends aunt had it and in 3 weeks it was gone ( head and shoulders makes your head stop itching so that you don't scratch and you don't get more. So when you put it one leave it for 2 minutes and reinset and it will fall out
An effective cure is to wash your hair daily with a mild shampoo and make sure that you keep yourself away from dust and severe sunlight. Moreover, keep your comb very clean.
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Make sure you have dandruff and not dry scalp. There is a HUGE difference! Ask your stylist to check your scalp and see what they recommend.
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Dandruff is dry scalp, persoanlly, I fought it from the inside and out.  I input more healthy oils in my diet like olive oil and coconut oil.  Regarding thinning hair and brittle nails, Reloxe is a product that I bought to help with hair loss.  It help grow back my hair and even made my nails stronger and skin more vibrant!

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Getting rid of dandruff can be quite overwhelming for people who don’t understand the cause of it. So it’s always best to first understand what’s causing your dandruff and then look for a possible solution.

Dandruff is most commonly caused by fungi called Malassezia. This fungus reacts with the natural oils on your scalp and as a by-product cause scalp irritation, inflammation and causes it to flake.

In this case, the best thing would be to find a good anti-dandruff shampoo. You could try a ketoconazole shampoo, such as Nizoral A-D. It kills off unwanted scalp fungus and clears your dandruff effectively.

Alternatively, you should also try some home remedies that you can apply to your scalp on a regular basis. Effective home remedies are:

-  Coconut Oil

-  Jojoba Oil

-  Tea Tree Oil

-  Apple Cider Vinegar

Use them either immediately after washing your hair or every alternate days and develop a routine. If you keep this up on a regular basis, you will be able to get rid of dandruff in no time.

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No-one has mentioned the role of chronic fungal infection of the scalp as the underlying cause of dandruff....
This is why the medicated shampoos work, and also why vinegar or lemon juice are helpful - fungus does not like the acidic conditions these produce.
I had an annoying bout of dandruff, so I bought a tube of anti-fungal cream that you apply to skin eg canesten or daktarin, and applied this to my scalp. It worked very well.
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I know a lot about hair the best thing i have found for dandruff is to wash once a week in seabreeze YES the stuff u us for the face the astringent will help pull the dandruff off the scalp just as it cleanse the dirt off your face it feels as if your head ate a halls cough drop but it really works, then follow that with your regular wash and a very rich conditioner (not a greasy one, don't want to weigh the hair down) believe it will work
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Shave your head,bwhahahaha! The reason why we get dundruff are climate, water that we used in taking a bath and air pollution... Oil is working, just massage into your hair... But most effectively clean your hair daily...but most of all bald is better...

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