After Surgery, How Long Should I Wait Before Dyeing My Hair?


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This is a tricky one – how long you should wait to dye your hair depends on what kind of surgery you've had, when it was, and what hair dye you’re thinking of using.

The Type of Surgery Matters!
If you’ve had surgery anywhere on your head or face, it’s definitely a good idea to wait until you’re completely healed before you dye your hair. Otherwise, you risk the chemicals in the dye entering your bloodstream through the cuts made during the operation. This could be really dangerous.

We don’t really know how many chemicals are absorbed into our bodies when we apply hair dye, but it’s generally thought to be a safe amount. However, if you’ve just had surgery (and especially if you’re taking medication to aid the healing process) you might want to check with your doctor. After all, it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry!

Some Hair Dyes Are Stronger Than Others
Dyeing your hair with a gentle dye is definitely less risky than bleaching it or using a really strong, unnatural color.

If you choose to go bright pink or peroxide blond, this will probably introduce more chemical into your system than a simple brown color. Generally, the dyes with the most chemicals in are the ones that smell the strongest.

If I were you, I’d probably exercise as much caution as I would if I was pregnant. If the dye is safe for pregnant women, it’s probably safe for people who have recently had surgery. Still, if you’re not sure, just wait until you know it’s okay!

Good luck, and stay safe.
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I had a middle ear glomous tumour operation done on the 9th December 2015. It is almost three months since the operation. Please let me it is safe to colour my hair now. I am 51 years old now. 

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I had surgery 2 months ago. I had a perm 3 weeks ago and it has fallen out. My hair is straight now. I wanted to get it permed again but I am afraid that the curl still won't stay in.

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