How Do You Make Honey Based Body Wax For Hair?


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The honey based body wax is generally recommended to use for leg and eyebrow and also the upper lip wax. You can even consider using it for your arms.

The ingredients required are 7oz of honey, 7oz of sugar, newly squeezed out juice from1/2 lemon. Some of the things required for the preparation are a pan, tablespoon, cloth strips preferably cotton.

You can start with melting the sugar and let the temperature be set at medium. Keep stirring the sugar continuously till it begins to bubble. Once it turns into a gold colour you can now say that it is ready. Next add in the honey and lemon juice and continuously stir it for a very long time. When it is completely melted apply it onto your skin. Now place the cotton strip on the leg and pull it in the opposite direction. Now to get that stickiness off your leg simply rinse your leg with water.
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Get some honey and warm it for 10 seconds. Stir for 6 seconds. Cut an old t-shirt make honey is not to hot but it must be warm.  Do not put sugar or lemon that means your sugaring and 4 me it leaves my body sticky but it still worked.

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