If You Shave Your Legs Does The Hair Grow Back Thicker?


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Yes it does grow thicker....stupid.
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If you actually think about it it looks thicker even though it doesnt it always will look like it
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The hair doesn't essentially grow back thicker after shaving. The hair on your body doesn't grow long like the hair on your head, because the hair is not strong enough to grow that long, which is good or we'd all look like apes. The hair is so fine it breaks and falls off before it can grow long. In fact each hair follicle has about three hair strands in it that produces hair in cycles in its own rate. Each one is in a different stage. One being formed in the follicle, one planted firmly in the follicle, and the other hair about to fall out.

When the hair is shaved, the edge is cut bluntly and that increase of edge is what you see. Which may seem to grow quicker or thicker but all hair grows at almost the same pace- 1/4 to 1/2 inch each month and in reality it grows at a different angle, which causes the "thicker" look.
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I can't shave my fur, but I would say no.

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I don't know what to believe- just type this above statement into google and you get alternative responses... I honestly don't know who or what to trust!!!

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