Girls with what hair color/eye color combination are the prettiest?


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Anonymous answered
Dark brown hair dark brown eyes(:
catherine adams Profile
catherine adams answered
Oh John that's a nice feminine touch and good a guy is linking into this importance. Yes, it can look great, light colors on the eyes for a blond or two... Dark sultry colors for lucsious dark hair ..... And if the make-up makes them prettiest and appealing then I think John Caterina you have a good eye for the ladies. What if, there was no match, then what would make the girl pretty to you? Her smile, her dress and matching eye color... The shape of her eyes, would that enhance your reaction even more with color in her smile, eyes and lips matching, how good can that be.
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Zech Wheaton answered
I think brown hair with light blue eyes
Nicki Marie Profile
Nicki Marie answered
Black Hair N Blue Or Hazel Eyes I Think They  R The Prettiest
Mandy Clark Profile
Mandy Clark answered
Brunette and brown or hazel, red with green, black with blue
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
Black hair with blue eyes pop out and also girls with red hair and blue eyes are really pretty.

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