How Do You Spot A Fake Burberry?


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Arlene Fernandes Profile
It is interesting to note that Burberry is among the top 10 counterfeited brands. Keep in mind that in most cases spotting a fake Burberry is fairly easy as the material used, on the actual product as well as the packaging would be substandard. For instance you will find that that wallet you've been eyeing has that crackle you get with stiff plastic. Another red sign to watch out for is misspellings. For instance you might find that label on your scarf reads Burbery rather than Burberry.

An obvious sign of a fake is the pricing. No, you will not get that genuine cashmere Burberry scarf for a bargain. Also be warned that most sellers, even on sites like eBay will not be selling you the real deal.
Jean-Simon Lavoie Profile
The material, so you just know if there fake if you a a bunch of whool residut thread (like if you pet a cat and all this hair stick on you ) on your whool coat.
If you buy a new one, a fake have thread come out the scarf.

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