How Do You Spot A Fake Louis Vuitton?


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My hand bag has the lock and real leather but I has a zipper on the inside
is it real
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Besides the obvious signs of fake Louis Vuitton bags such as misspellings, discrepancies on the label, substandard stitching, materials and packaging you need to know basic details about your Louis Vuitton bags. For instance you might be happy about your new black Vernis Louis Vuitton, but there is no genuine Louis Vuitton Vernis in black.

You can compare the obvious physical characteristics and colours of the bag to the one in the catalog or in a reputed store. Check if the particular Louis Vuitton you want to buy is supposed to come with a lining, placement of the label etc. Check on the materials used along with the colours of these often overlooked details. Keep an eye out for details such as monogram placement and font used.

You need to know certain facts such as Louis Vuitton does not offer discounts, seconds sales or wholesale offers.

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