How Do You Spot Fake Rock And Republic Jeans?


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Your best bet when it comes to securing a genuine pair of Rock and Republic jeans is to buy them from a reputed seller. You know you are likely to get ripped off if buying them online where you can see the finished product or if you are buying them 'on sale' in a local bar.

It is important to try your jeans on before buying them. The fit can tell you a lot about the originality of your jeans. Watch out for shoddy workmanship and poor quality material. Check all the labels and the packaging.

Some tips that might help you would include the fact that the newer range of Rock & Republics will have two inner labels. That is, a size tag as well as care tag. Remember that all R&R hardware on the jeans should have their name engraved. So thoroughly look over your jeans including rivets and buttons. Also remember that there are typically three outer tags.
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I have always seen two outer labels on Rock and Republic jeans but never three. The two I know of; outer back right side waistband, right side seam at the front pocket. Does anyone know where the third is?

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